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Metals Trading

Durability, malleability, and rarity make gold and precious metals very valuable and desirable assets. Metals like gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium have proven their worth since the beginning of time, and have only increased in popularity. Now, you can speculate on their price movements online, without physically owning them.

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Safe Haven
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High Market 

Open a Metals trading account with Kaifin

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Why Trade Metals?

Many call gold an ‘insurance’ because it’s very likely to gain value over time, in fact its  worth is so trusted that governments store gold in their treasury reserves. Retail traders take advantage of these benefits, and rush to trade gold and metals online.

  • Safe-haven assets that are durable in risky times.

  • With leverage it’s possible to make large investments.

  • They’ve consistently gained value over the decades.

  • Historically, they rise when the USD is falling.

  • They’re fully traded online. No transport or storage is needed.

  • Gold can be hedged against global financial issues.

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Trading made simple

Dive into a world of global assets from the comfort of your home.





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