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The Kaifin rebate model 

Trading is better if you get paid to do it

With Kaifin you can get paid for simply trading! We’ll go the extra mile for you, but you don’t have to lift a finger.

Make up to 1.5 USD per lot by making certain deposits and trading a certain amount of lots. Just trade and earn.

How does the rebate model work? 

It’s really simple! Hit certain monthly targets and start getting paid per lot. The higher your initial investment, the higher the rebates. You can reinvest that money into your trading or withdraw it.

< $3,000

$3,000 - $4,999

Lot / month

Any Lots


0 - 19.99


0 - 19.99

20 - 49.99


Rebate / lot









Important terms you should know

Our terms are transparent and explained in detail in our terms and conditions.

We want you to understand how the model works and earn the rebates you deserve. 

  • Both your deposit and monthly volume will affect how much you earn.

  • The amount will be determined at the end of the month.

  • You can trade any assets on any account.

Example 1


50 lots

$15 (50 x $0.3)

Example 2


50 lots

$75 (50 x $1.5)

Your total deposit for the month

Your trading volume for the month

Your rebate for the month

Asset 12_edited.png

More than just rebates

Kaifin is an abundance of riches

A solid broker makes all the difference. Choose Kaifin

for a reliable, supportive, seamless trading experience.

Excellent trading conditions

Take advantage of conditions that lower your costs and increase your chances to grow and succeed.

Global opportunities

Access global assets through professional platforms to maximize your success potential and reach your goals.

Comprehensive client support

reach out with any questions or requests and our friendly team is ready to help you.

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