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Todas as suas perguntas frequentes 

são respondidas aqui pelos nossos especialistas 

Consulte a nossa lista selecionada de Perguntas Frequentes (FAQs) para encontrar respostas às dúvidas mais comuns que recebemos.

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  • What can I trade with Kaifin?
    You can trade CFDs on currency pairs, oil, energies, gold, and precious metals.
  • How many accounts do you offer?
    You can choose from 2 account types. Tight and Mean. Learn more here.
  • Do you offer no commission accounts?
    Yes. Our Mean account has 0 commission. Learn more here.
  • Do you offer swap-free accounts?
    Yes. Both of our accounts are swap-free.
  • What’s your lowest spread?
    Our spreads start from 0 pips.
  • What’s your highest leverage?
    Our leverage goes up to 1:1000. However, this depends on the client classification.
  • Is it possible to lose more money that I added to my account?
    No. Thanks to Negative Balance Protection your account can only drop to 0, it can’t go below that.
  • Do you offer MT5?
    Yes. You can trade with MT5 desktop, mobile, and web.
  • Do you offer any platforms other than MT5?
    Yes. You can trade with cTrader.
  • Can I trade with Kaifin from my Mac?
    Yes. Thanks to MT5 WebTrader and cTrader Web you can access the platform by logging in from any browser.
  • Do you offer any promotions or bonuses?
    Yes. Right now we are offering the Kaifin rebate model so you can earn up to $2 per lot. You can learn more here.
  • Can I expect any support while trading with Kaifin?
    Yes. We’re here through live chat, Monday to Friday 00:00 - 16:00 GMT, or email us at any time.
  • Is it safe to trade with Kaifin?
    We uphold all safety measures and protocols to make sure your experience is as secure as possible.
  • What is Kaifin?
    Kaifin is an online CFDs on currency pairs and CFDs broker.
  • Do you have any partner programs?
    Yes. You can become a Kaifin IB and grow your earnings. Learn more here.
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